Ishtar LTD

Ishtar Corporation is a limited liability company with a secular Arabic identity.

We develop new technologies to spread knowledge and culture.

We also provide opportunities for thinkers and creators to communicate with more than 400 million
Arabic speakers around the world.

Ishtar LTD values freedom, as there is no significance to culture without liberation of the mind. Ishtar LTD relies on its own resources but also welcomes support from independent institutions and individuals.

Our objectives

Any change and any renaissance can only be achieved through the advancement of our culture. It is necessary to raise awareness and open new horizons for the mind in order to imagine new achievable realities.
This challenging project starts with making culture accessible for all Arabic speakers in the world either by facilitating access to already available free resources or by acquiring monetized  reading services.
It is also essential to envision new cultural means of expression  that commensurate with the development of technology.
It is also important to imagine new cultural means of expression that keeps pace with the development of technology.

But if access to resources in itself is important, then it is  paramount to provide a space to critique and analyze it in a framework that sanctifies freedom of  thought and expression.

This mission is the great challenge that we strive to undertake.

Therefore, we work on communicating with numerous Arab thinkers and influencers who share the same principles of the foundation:
Will of elevating the Arabic language and culture


Marouen Ahmed Kadri

Engineer and Doctor in industrial computer sciences. And for a long time, a militant for the rise of Arabic culture via by means of new technologies.